Get out me car
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Next year, I’m going to Comic Con.

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do u always answer asks privately? i sent one but u didnt answer it )): btw r u single (;

I sometimes answer them with the person they sent it to me, because they probably don’t want their business out there for the world to see. I respect people’s privacy, so I just message them back instead. And I rarely check my messages on here since the majority of the time, when I’m on Tunblr, I am usually on my phone and don’t really look at my messages. 

But right now, I’m currently taken by this awesome guy here in the 916 <3

5 Random Facts About Me

1. Down for the 420

2. I’ve never lived anywhere else but Sactown

3. I like to season my rice

4. I’ve almost ran someone over with my truck

5. I have an entire bookshelf filled with foreign language books

When he can&#8217;t find his mom,  he cuddles and falls asleep next to me ~ ♡
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Reblig if you love lip biting ;)
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